David Lloyd Griffith

David Lloyd Griffith was born in ColwynBay in 1956 and now lives in the ConwyValley, North Wales.

David says of his work, “The emotional response I experience from the landscape is fundamental to my creative process. Simply – if I did not love the landscape I could not paint it! Artists need adrenalin blows – I experience mine through nature. My work is the result of direct and first hand experience to nature, and the consequent emotional response to the subject.

I am a landscape painter. I work ‘en plein air’. My work is inspired by my love of nature and of my native land. I have been influenced by French Impressionism, Van Gogh and German Expressionism. I paint quickly, spontaneously, and prefer a clumsy awkward painting method which retains the innocence of my eye/ vision, rather than the creation of a slick and academic result”.

David studied art at NEWI Wrexham and the Open College of Art (affiliated to the Open University). David was elected to RCA in 1988.