June Berry was born in 1924 in Melbourne in Derbyshire, the home of her grandparents. She then lived with her parents in Solihull, Birmingham until the sudden death of her father when she was 4, when with her mother she returned to live with her grandparents.

In 1942 June joined the Slade School of Fine Art, and was in war service in the WRNS, code breaking in an out-station of BletchleyPark.

Following a Postgraduate year at Slade, June married John Berry, a ceramic artist and they settled in Sydenham with their four children. It was while her children were young that June did some part time teaching in various London art schools.

In 1973, June and her husband bought a derelict farmhouse in the hamlet of La Bontellerie in the Department of Les Deux Sevres, France. Once their children had moved on, June and her husband moved to Beckenham, where she now works in her loft studio, and for about 4 months of the year in her studio in France.

June finds her subjects either, in and around the farmhouse in Midwestern France, or in the streets and parks of South East London, where they live. Her paintings are born of close observation, registered in notes and sketchbooks and worked up back in the studio.