Lynne Cartlidge

Lynne Cartlidge was born in 1964 in Wellington, New Zealand and lived in Cornwall between 1967 and 1984. She has lived in Wales for 30 years and is currently settled in Cardiff.

She studied art at Falmouth Art College and then Cardiff Art College attaining a BA (Hons) Fine Art degree in 1987 when one of her figurative paintings was selected for the Whitworth Young Contemporaries.

Lynne’s teachers included the painters Terry Setch, Cherry Pickles and Mike Crowther. More recently she has enjoyed studying with Alice Mumford at the St Ives School of Painting and Rose Hilton at the Newlyn School of Art.

“I most often paint from life using everyday objects in everyday light. Daylight never stays exactly the same and from moment to moment everything can change.

As I look at a still life, I am always moving in relation to it. The shapes and colours will change depending on where I am in space. There is movement in the stillness.

The process is a series of decisions about colour and mark, made in response to subject. All influenced by accumulated knowledge and experience while at the same time it is important to allow the marks, colours and the painting itself to ‘be themselves’.

A painting that has its own life and meaning with the possibility of moving a viewer, then has the chance to grow.”