Tom Jones (1936-2017)

Tom was born in Colwyn Bay and  attended Abergele Grammar School where his love of art and drawing was encouraged. From school he went to Liverpool University to study Architecture and after qualifying he began his career as an architect.
In the 1970s Tom and his family lived in Anglesey, where he was inspired to paint by the local scenery.
During his working life he always found the time to draw and paint.
When he retired in 1992 he had moved to Colwyn Bay and his artwork
and love for capturing the Welsh scenery became his life. In 1996 he was elected a member of the Royal Cambrian Academy and regularly exhibited his work in Wales and England. At this time he also learned the process of etching.
Many of his works feature a cottage, farm or castle and he always said,
“Having trained and practiced as an architect it is natural that the built environment should figure large in my output of drawings and etchings….I
am fascinated by the patterns created by buildings and of the world around me and through my work, and hopefully, help others to see it as I do.”