David Grosvenor

David Grosvenor was born in Essex in 1956. He studied Fine Art at ExeterUniversity and went on to pursue a 14 year long career in Graphic Design based in London.

In 1991 he moved to North Wales and now lives in Criccieth. He paints primarily in watercolour depicting a wide range of subject matter including the stunning scenery of Snowdonia, and colourful still life and garden scenes. He exhibits widely in North Wales and has work held in private collections worldwide.

In his own words, David describes his work: “Drawing and painting have always been a part of my life and I get enormous pleasure and fulfilment from manipulating pencil and paint on paper and canvas.

Whilst form is important to me, it is colour which sets my heart alight and I can well understand those who argue that colour therapy has the power to heal, calm or excite.

My work is figurative but it comes from the heart. I see beauty all around me and in painting these beautiful objects and scenes I strive to create an object of beauty in its own right.

It is my belief that painting is not a narrative art form except in the same way that a table tells the story of its designer and maker.”