November 2023 Mixed Exhibition

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Installation Pictures



Emma Williams

Emma Williams is painter in her prime, currently exhibiting widely throughout England and Ireland and her works can be found in many private collections.

Emma’s time spent studying printed textile design at Huddersfield University is strongly evident in her paintings, using flat perspective and bold colour with dramatic effect.

The still life style shines out strong, vibrant and glorious, bringing a contemporary vision to a grand old artistic tradition.

She writes, “My paintings are textured and always vivid – evoking memories of a time space and mood. My many visits to Cornwall have been a constant source of inspiration, influencing my particular approach to interiors and landscapes. Colour and decorative qualities combine with flattened perspective play an essential role in creating rich images.”

Jenny Hirst

After running an interior design business for many years, Jenny decided to return to college where she completed an Art and Design Foundation Diploma. Since then she has been working from her studio at home and has taken part in exhibitions in the North of England, London and the South of England and also in New York and has worked on several commissions for homes and offices.

Mainly she takes inspiration from the landscape around her wherever she is, whether rural or urban and she is particularly interested in the juxtaposition between manmade structures and the natural landscape.

She works in various mediums including paint, charcoal, ink, pastel, collage and monoprint and is very interested in bringing texture into her work and uses various techniques to achieve this such as scratching and rubbing into the paint to reveal layers beneath. Most of her work is semi abstract, giving the viewer a hint of the subject matter without it being a true representation.

She is constantly experimenting with new ideas and techniques which help her to achieve a variety of effects and push her work in new directions.



Karel Lek

Karel Lek was born in Antwerp in 1929 but moved with his parents to North Wales as refugees when he was a boy. Karel studied at Liverpool College of Art and was a Member of the Royal Cambrian Academy since 1954.

He exhibited mainly in North Wales, where he lived, but he also showed his work his work in London, Amsterdam and Chicago.

His work can be found in numerous public and private collections.

Karel regarded the streets as his studio and always kept a sketchbook with him. The main subject matter of his drawings was people going about their business and, unobserved, he looked to capture the immediacy of the fleeting impressions they created.  Jazz musicians were another favourite subject and “Lovers” were a recurring theme.




Ian Phillips

Ian Phillips was born in 1969 in Leicester, UK. An early fascination with all things Japanese introduced Ian to the beauty and craftsmanship of Japanese prints. The romantic image of an artist embarking on a long, difficult, exotic journey and drawing places he/she sees along the way is an idea that still consumes Ian today.

Although he likes to go off on long journeys, he also likes to be back in his mid Wales studio, turning the sketches into prints.

Ian is one of Wales’s foremost linocut artists.

Clare Shaughnessy

As a child, Clare Shaughnessy was a wild thing. Born on the Wirral, 7th of 8 children to a widowed mum, she was…lightly supervised. She crawled and climbed and explored their overgrown garden and the allotments and scraps of woods beyond. Back home she would draw the animals, birds and creepy crawlies she had seen on the back of old wallpaper samples her mum would get for them from somewhere.

Nowadays, Clare is considered one of the UK’s top Wildlife artists. And despite having travelled widely and seen some amazing wildlife spectacles, her real passion is still for the tiny souls who share our gardens, brighten our parks or sing to the spring dawn beneath our bedroom windows.

Resale Work

The following works are all available for sale on receipt of invitation – please call 07739 479139 for further information