Original Prints

Gorstella Gallery are delighted to announce the sale of Original Prints by a group of the country’s leading Printmakers  – Anita Klein, Ian Stephens, Frans Wesselman, Hilary Paynter, Colin See Paynton and Trevor Price.

These prints have all been created by the artist because they believe that a print – be it a woodcut, engraving or etching is the best medium to present the image the print maker wishes to convey. They are not photographic reproductions of paintings or drawings but have all been made directly on to a plate, block or screen by the artist with the deliberate intention of producing a print.

The artist produces a limited number of prints (an edition) and signs and numbers them. The number of the individual print and size of the edition is indicated by a fraction e.g. 4/50 (number 4 in an edition of 50).

Original prints offer an affordable way of acquiring original works of art and these unframed prints can be ordered through the Gallery.

If you would like to find out more about a print please fill in the Enquiry box next to the individual picture and we will get straight back to you. Once you wish to place an order we will then calculate postage and advise you of the cost before proceeding.

We look forward to hearing from you!