Jenny Hirst

Having run an interior design business for nine years, Jenny decided 6 years ago to return to college where she completed an Art and Design Foundation Diploma. Since then she has been working from her studio at home and has taken part in exhibitions in the North of England, London and the South of England and also in New York and has worked on several commissions for homes and offices.

Mainly she takes inspiration from the landscape around her wherever she is, whether rural or urban and she is particularly interested in the juxtaposition between manmade structures and the natural landscape.

She works by making quick sketches and taking many photographs in situ to capture the atmosphere of a place, and then develops these ideas back in her studio.

She works in various mediums including paint, charcoal, ink, pastel, collage and monoprint and is very interested in bringing texture into her work and uses various techniques to achieve this such as scratching and rubbing into the paint to reveal layers beneath. Most of her work is semi abstract, giving the viewer a hint of the subject matter without it being a true representation.

She is constantly experimenting with new ideas and techniques which help her to achieve a variety of effects and push her work in new directions.