Lucy Almey Bird

Lucy Almey Bird was born in 1973 and grew up mostly in rural Somerset. She is completely self taught having not taken the conventional route through education.

Lucy was encouraged to draw and paint from an early age, as her parents are both creative people, and she was taken on regular trips to galleries and museums which ignited her passion for art.

Art took a back seat while she raised her three daughters, who now they are older provide much of her inspiration along with her pets, the countryside and family life in general.

In her own words – “I definitely err on the side of maximalism. I love pattern and texture and the cosy feel that they bring. Domestic scenes feature regularly in my pictures taking a romanticised gentler look at life with a hope of bringing a feeling of comfort and calm.”

After selling out her first show with Gorstella Gallery we are delighted to be showing Lucy’s work once again.