Peter Cronin

As a self taught painter in the plein air tradition, Peter uses pure transparent watercolour to record the inherent and latent beauty he witnesses in our natural and man-made  environments. The use of lost and found shapes and edges enables him to tease the image from its background hopefully resulting in simple evocative slightly impressionistic paintings in the best tradition of pure watercolour.

“I love the natural world, we despoil and disregard it far too easily. I love to be out in all weathers. The layperson may presume that painting is only the concern of the hand and eye, but like many artists who often work outdoors, I find that my best work is produced when all the senses are fired up. It’s a form of hunting where a subject is spotted and time may be fleeting so ears nose, eyes, everything goes into overdrive and within an hour it’s all over, gone, and either you’ve caught it or its eluded you for another day.”